PereSoft Partner Area 

PereSoft Partner Area     

We have created a new section on our website exclusively for Clients.

We invite you, to register and obtain a User ID and Password to access the Partner area using your Dealer ID. 

The following features will be available to you:


Our newly designed forum to pose any technical issues you might experience. The new design lets you:


The new SupportPlus facility will provide you with all the latest information on your clients SupportPlus contracts. You will now be able to ascertain which PereSoft products your clients are in possession of as well as whether they are on SupportPlus and when their SupportPlus contracts are due for renewal or have expired.

The SupportPlus database will provide you with a list of all the SupportPlus contracts up for renewal for a specific period and allow you to generate a SupportPlus quotation for the renewal of the contracts.

A download area is also available to download the latest versions of product for clients on SupportPlus. The serial number and activation codes are supplied immediately ensuring minimal delays in the installation process of the latest versions of PereSoft products at your clients. 


A new activation form lets you enter the client ID as well as the serial number to ensure a quicker and more accurate activation process. Existing Client details can be looked up and automatically filled in and serial numbers are verified on line.


The new Partner area allows a dealer to setup an unlimited number of users who can access the information online. All users can access the forums but access to both the SupportPlus and Activation areas can be restricted by user.

Register Now !

Please note that you will need your new Dealer ID, to register.

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